Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links I found while doing research on Moai:

General set of Moai tutorials to cover display, handling input  – You should definitely go through these to get an idea of how the basics work.

Moai SDK Documentation – This covers the classes and functions that are defined on them.  Note that the documentation here is incomplete – there are some classes that don’t show anything.  There is enough that this is still useful though.

Moai Code Snippits – Some utility functions that are nice to know about.

Tools that work with Moai – Links to various programs that you can use with Moai (IDE’s, drawing programs, etc)

Moai Wiki

More Moai Code Snippits – A place where people dump code snippits.  More sippits than the other link, but this website is sometimes down because it goes over its host’s limit.

Moai Forums – Official Moai forums, where a lot of questions get answered.

Here are some other tutorials that might be a good reference:

Tutorial to setup Moai for Windows and Android

Tutorial to get started with Moai

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